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Our team at Positive Business Results have years of practical, hands-on, successful experience in bowling center, restaurant, hospitality and amusement operations.


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Paul Kreins is known for his innovative grass-roots marketing ideas and programs and his proven ability to grow revenue and profit in under-performing or distressed businesses. He has an extensive bowling and “bowling operations” background and is a highly regarded speaker, writer, trainer and consultant in the areas of business development, customer retention, neighborhood marketing, database management, employee relations and delivering extraordinary guest service.


Kreins has an uncanny ability to find untapped potential and missed opportunities in under-performing businesses. He delivers practical, easy-to-implement and affordable strategies and tactics guaranteed to grow sales, improve customer retention, promote guest frequency and improve share-of-customer.


Ben Kreins’ areas of expertise are in employee development, customer service, pro shop operations and bowling instruction.


Ben's recent experience includes being the Pro Shop Operator for two bowling centers and the Assistant Manager of a family entertainment center.


Ben was born 23 years ago in Portland, Oregon. He has been bowling his entire life – literally. At 10 months old, he took his first steps -- on the concourse at Timber Lanes. He competed in his first league when he was only 18 months old – a Parent/Pee-Wee League at his father’s bowling center in Vancouver, Washington.


Growing up in a bowling center, he immediately became fascinated with the game, the players, the business and the history of the sport. He watched the Pro Bowlers Tour every week, videotaped every show and studied the players intently.


He learned to bowl by watching Pete Weber, Robert Smith, Chris Barnes, Mika Koivuniemi, Norm Duke, Mike Aulby and Brian Voss and could literally imitate them at will. Instinctively, he developed that “pro release” that all the contemporary players seem to possess.


Ben was fortunate to become acquainted with many of the pros whom he admired so much. His first 600-series, at age 10, was rolled with a ball given to him by Mike Aulby.


He was also fortunate to be coached by some of the top instructors in the game. He first learned the game from his father, Paul Kreins. Bob Rea then stepped in and focused on harnessing all that raw talent. In 2003, Ben began working with world-class instructor Ron Hoppe who polished Ben’s physical skills, helped him become more versatile and began working on his mental game. Mike Dias then picked it up from there. Ben has also worked with Bill Spigner, Jason Couch, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Wes Mallott. Several years ago, he began working with noted sports psychologist, Dr. Dean Hinitz.


Ben’s love of the game and passion for the sport extends to the business and technical side as well. He is a regular attendee at the USBC Coaching Conference, IBPSIA convention and BPAA Bowl Expo. He is a USBC Silver-level coach, an IBPSIA certified ball-driller and was the youngest person ever to serve on that organization’s board of directors.


Ben is also an accomplished golfer (8 handicap), an excellent guitar player (mostly Metallica) and loves movies.