April 2012

Since opening a few years ago, Viejas Bowl had struggled to establish its identity.  Located in a beautiful outlet center adjacent to a casino, the center had previously focused on creating a boutique atmosphere. After a period of initial but fleeting success, it became apparent that the model of positioning the bowling center as an adult-centered venue fell short of capturing a wider demographic. It was also clear that the center would continue to undershoot its potential without the guidance and wisdom of a tenured expert from the bowling industry.

After reaching out to Mr. Kreins, it was plain to see that he had created and refined a robust suite of products and programs that could place our business on a path of prosperity. Through various site visits, customs reports and evaluations, Paul’s operational expertise began to positively affect our team.

He counseled or staff and suggested pragmatic improvements which we have implemented to raise our degree of professionalism and guest service. He worked closely with our marketing executives to rebrand the business, in essence reshaping the model to focus on building a family friendly entertainment venue, rather than a dark and less welcoming boutique center. Our guests now rave about our lighter, more inviting ambiance -- perfect for families and children.

Additionally, a cornerstone of our recent success can be attributed to Paul’s recommendation that we radically redesign our birthday party and event offerings. With his assistance, we now offer a blockbuster party package that continually impresses our guests. Details that came directly from Paul’s report, such as the need for a customizable jumbo pin, balloons and photos have all been instant hits with our patrons.

Furthermore, his insistence that we place a huge emphasis on social media (Facebook) has created a way to freely market to our target demographics. The aforementioned examples barely scratch the surface of the great improvements that we’ve realized with his assistance.

To sum, Mr. Kreins has illuminated a custom roadmap for success and designed multiple programs that have improved our bottom line. This month alone we’ve twice broken our daily revenue records. If you’re looking for an industry expert who possesses the business acumen and tact to steer your center toward profitability, we highly recommend you seek out the assistance of Mr. Kreins.

Trevor Hagedorn
GM, Viejas Bowl
USBC Certified Coach
5005 Willows Rd Suite #229
(619) 659-2076

Paul Kreins is a marketing and promotional expert in the bowling industry who has been consistently successful in improving lineage and increasing revenues over many years for both large and small centers, independents and chains.


His marketing consulting business continues to be an invaluable resource for center owners and managers. Paul's programs and promotional materials are noted for being comprehensive and detailed and for producing positive results.


Wally Hall


We own and operate three bowling centres in Australia. We first subscribed to the Positive Marketing Service in 1993. We now subscribe to the BowlingMarketing VIP Service because it gives us the ideas, tools and resources to help grow our business while saving us valuable time.


We also very much enjoy receiving the Monday Morning Management Report, find it informative, gives us topics to discuss and find it a great source for motivation. We would recommend BowlingMarketing to any bowling center looking to grow.


Aldo and Marisa Belmonte


Hello Paul:


In your “Quick Tip Video” series you have some amazing photographs many of which capture the essence of our product showing the Social, Competitive and Achieving aspects of the package that we sell.


Will you be at Bowl Expo? Love to shake your hand and say 'Thank you!'


Len Charney


Good morning Mr. Kreins:


I write you from Spain. My only reason to do it is to thanks you for your very good Monday Morning Report. It always gives me good ideas to think about and help me to improve my skills or even learn that I haven´t, And, you know, first step to fix the problem it´s to recognize it.


Best regards from Spain,

Abelardo Mato

Bowling Chamartín

Hi Paul, it’s Kris:

So the Say No to Drugs Yes to Bowling program is going awesome - 350 bowlers in the first week and now we are averaging $3-$5 per bowler which is great.


Thanks, Kris

Afton, WY

April 2, 2006


Dear Mr. Kreins:


Port Arthur and our surrounding communities are fortunate that you arrived in our community approximately a year ago to manage Park Central Recreation Center. Your management style and professional bowling expertise resulted in a major turnaround at that facility.


I was most impressed with your immediate focus on meeting with Chamber of Commerce officials, school superintendents, community leaders and faith-based organizations to convey your plans to change the image of the Center into a family-oriented center that people of all ages would enjoy. You certainly showed us within a short time that you could do just that!


Within a couple of months, it was obvious that you were doing exactly as you described to us, while the customers at the Center changed from being an often-rowdy bunch to being youth, children and adults who were spending time enjoying quality recreation in a peaceful and enjoyable environment.   Most impressive of all was the fact that at least one mid-county school superintendent has extended high praise of you and your successful efforts in transforming the bowling center into a entertainment venue where their students enjoyed participating in active recreation while socializing with friends.      


I can attest to your good work from a professional perspective as well as from a personal standpoint.   My husband and I enjoyed taking our young grandchildren to learn to bowl in the family environment which you created. Because we live just a few blocks away from Park Central Recreation Center, we took particular note of the high caliber of individuals who frequented the Center. Previous to your arrival, the crowd outside the Center was often less-than-desirable for a neighborhood facility.


I thank you for your continued interest in working to find investors or other partners who are interested in offering this form of family entertainment which is greatly needed in our community. I look forward to continuing to work with you to work towards re-opening the Center.



Verna Rutherford, President

Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce

Hi Paul and (Patti):

I just want you to know that I am really amazed at how well the Say No program is being received in our area. Looks like we will be needing about 20K cards next season. Maybe more. We have kids coming in from Lake Quinalt, Taholah, Ocosta, Montesano etc...


Word of mouth is spreading like wild fire. I have tried for years to get this type of results like I had back in the early 90's… If things stay this busy we are going to have to take you up on your offer to come help with this place… The timing for this area is perfect for it. We are truly amazed and are kicking ourselves for not doing it years ago.


Thank you so very much,

Perry III, (and Barb and Boys)

Hi Paul,

The best program to date (for us) has been the Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Bowling cards. We added close to 1000 kids to our Birthday Club and have seen almost 4,000 paid games come back in 2 months. It may not seem like a lot, but we are a closed base and it's difficult to get on without sponsorship. They bring their families and they spend money. One or two will just bowl their free one and leave but 95% stay longer and play videos, bowl, eat and have fun. We noticed an increase in signups for our Fall programs as well, so all in all it's been a fantastic summer.


Thanks and take care.

Mardi Nichols

Seymour-Johnson AFB

I am very impressed with your "Weekly Letters" with advice to better one's business etc. Having attended many mgmt seminars, I find myself saying, "You are right on the money" (no pun intended) as far as your advice and suggestions on how to make a profit along with keeping the customers happy."


Charlyn Robbins Ostrosky



Thank you so much for your Monday Morning briefings. I look forward to them each and every week. Sometimes we think that we’re the only ones in the whole industry that have the challenges and “opportunities” that confront us each day. It’s nice to see that others are experiencing the same things and that there may be solutions that we haven’t even thought of. I take it upon myself to print your column each week and drop on at the front desk and in the pro shop so we all get the benefit of your experience and wisdom. Continued success and keep the reports coming.



Steven Faunce, General Manager

Thunderbird Lanes NE Philadelphia

Five years ago I was new to bowling and a first time business owner...Paul Kreins took my call, gladly answered my questions and encouraged me to apply my marketing experience and passion to my merchant coupon program service. Over the years Paul has given me access to his proprietary bowling center marketing program content, contacted clients of mine who needed a marketing plan and referred centers to me who wanted to use coupons to fill lanes. Jump to today...thanks to mentors like Paul I now handle recurring merchant coupon campaigns that drive in new bowlers for 200+ centers. I proudly list Paul as Strategic Partner on my web site."


Chris Swanson

BMA Marketing

Dear Paul,


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to bowling marketing for producing such an outstanding turnkey program month after month. I am continually impressed with the generous amount of time you have spent hammering out every detail of your programs. Therefore, giving us the time to implement the program rather than create it. And for such a great price! You are the best value we have ever heard of in bowling marketing. Your “Have a Ball” program we ran this month was a great success with over 40 sign ups.


Thank you,

Nancy Keirn

Dear Paul,


I am writing you from Turkey, a little far :)


You probably heard a lot of good words about your e-mail service but for a country where bowling is young and growing with pain because of the economical facts your information worth a lot for creating basis for many centers.


We gave up our old business for the love of bowling (we were running a web design company) and now running a company that sells bowling products, organizing bowling events and consulting centers. We (me, my wife and partner) are also work for the Turkish Bowling Federation. We are sharing all information and good ideas from your letters and try to build up a world of bowling with educated employees. We are still at the era of electrical technicians seeing the machines for their first time, thinking lane maintenance is a "cleaning job", and desk people can prefer being a secretary instead of dealing with bowlers and center owners think advertisement is loss of money. Hard times but changing :)


I'd like to thank you that you share your ideas with world and believe me that it helps us to structure an outline for many fields and seeing the holes not only on the lanes but all bowling industry. Thank you for your help and great service.


With my best regards.. Please send my best regards to Patti..




Thank you for your Monday messages.  They make me feel a little more at home because I come from the corporate world were I am used to having a lot of memos (too many) but some I actually looked forward to receiving. So it's kind of nice to get a little Monday pick me up after long weekends.

Thanks again,
Dan Camp
Upper Valley Lanes and Games
White River Junction, VT

Hey Paul:


I have been enjoying reading your mgmt report. Often there are items I can apply to my business as well so it is informative.


Hope all is well,

Terri Gazdik, CPA

Cooper Norman

Hi Paul and Patti,


I can't thank you enough for including me in the distribution fo the Monday morning report...I have circulated them to my management staff (now 4 centers) and the materials are create a great source of discussion...it really gets the juices flowing... thanks and hope all is well. 


John LaSpina

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say a very heartfelt THANK YOU for your weekly newsletters.  Your comments, suggestions and most everything you have to share is right on the mark and helps get me motivated each week.  So thanks again, and keep 'em coming - you're very much appreciated!



Karen Knickerbocker

Hi Paul,


I read the newsletter religiously every week. Keep up the good work!



Jim Szabo

Lombard Lanes