Management Services

We are experts in bowling center operations, specializing in turning around distressed and under-performing businesses. He have an extraordinary track record of quickly growing sales, profits, customer satisfaction, community awareness and positive public relations.


In our most recent project we took an extremely distressed family entertainment center, which was on the verge of closing, and completely turned it around in five months. We grew sales by more than 25% over prior year -- with December sales more than 50% ahead of last year – and built momentum that has continued to carry the business forward today.


Every Management Services engagement is unique and custom-tailored to meet each client's needs. Consequently, a proposal cannot be presented until we do an assessment of the current situation and meet with the principals to learn more about their objectives and goals regarding the property.


For example, we might revive the business for owners who hope to run it themselves. Or, we might bring the business back to profitability so it will be more attractive to a potential buyer. Or, we might simply run it for an absentee owner. Or, we might be interested in entering into a lease or purchase agreement to operate it ourselves.


We have a team of experienced, hands-on managers ready to step in and do whatever it takes to turn-around a business.


Our methodology includes assessing the state of the operations (financials, employee productivity, reputation in the community, current sales trends, etc.). We immediately launch a multi-pronged plan that addresses costs and controllable expenses, staffing needs, revenue opportunities, public relations and establishing a brand identity.


We identify the areas of the business where we can achieve the fastest growth. This may be with leagues, birthday parties, company parties, group events, food and beverage, database management, social media and ancillary opportunities in the arcade/redemption, miniature golf and go karts, etc. Additionally, we establish the highest standards for excellence and customer service.


All of these strategies and tactics are deliberate, well planned and seamlessly integrated to achieve quick results.


We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we might be able to help.