Platinum VIP Service


We are opening up a new level of VIP membership to a limited number of centers who want to reach their true revenue and profit potential as quickly as possible.


In addition to regular VIP services, Platinum Level VIP centers will receive intensive, ongoing personal business development services, a comprehensive business development plan, weekly private conference calls with Paul Kreins and center management and staff, on-site visits by Paul Kreins, on-site employee training by Paul and Ben Kreins, custom promotional marketing and management materials, extended Industry Partner benefits and much, much more.


The Platinum VIP fee is $2,000 per month, plus travel expenses, plus a percentage of the profit improvement created by this relationship.


For more information or to sign-up, please call Paul Kreins at 206-293-4703 or email:


Platinum VIP Testimonials

Evening, Paul,

Just a short thank you on how things are going here.  There definitely has been a boost in the employee morale and services.  I met with our banker this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. (I scheduled it so he would be here at the peak of the Police Safety program).  When he walked in, he could not believe the activity and the huge crowd of children attending the presentations.  He said he never seen so many kids in a bowling center.  Of course, I had all my numbers ready for him, so it was very easy to get a short term loan, to pay that big property tax bill in September.  He even wanted copies of July's numbers to take back to the President of the bank.  To tell you the truth, I also was amazed at the turn out, not only of the youths, but all the police officers from 4 or  5 towns, with all their equipment. 


Walter did a tremendous job and I am proud of him.  He had a smile on his face all day.  By the way, those figures I showed the banker were up 34% over last July and gave us a $7,000 improvement over the first 7 months this year, without today's sales.  The food court was doubled and there was nearly 6,000 more games bowled. 


Like I told you a few weeks ago, I am staying out of the daily business out on the floor.  And the 3 boys are getting more and more enthused because they can see the increase in sales and customers.  Everyone is looking forward to a bigger and greater 2012/13 season.


As in July, August is running about 15% ahead of last year, plus the fall league meetings are turning out well.  It looks like a good year ahead.  Parties are so, so, but we haven't got everything out yet.  Looking forward to the casting call at the end of the month.


Again, thank you for all your help.




The ‘Say Yes to Bowling’ program continues to be a wild success. As soon as we unlock the doors we have enough participants to fill the house and go directly onto a waiting list -- every day of the week. Today we had over 50 kids in line outside of the entry nearly an hour before we opened. The crossover F&B sales increase that this promotion has generated is truly impressive. We are also closing in on over 2000 youth bowlers in our database, which will be instrumental to next season’s leagues. Thanks for providing us with this creative and profitable concept! I hope the summer has brought happiness and joy to you and your family.

All the best,
Trevor Hagedorn