VIP Service



In 1992, Paul and Patti Kreins, founded an innovative new company called Positive Marketing Concepts. The service they provided to bowling center operators was the first of its kind and grew to become one of the most respected companies in the bowling industry. The basic service included a monthly package of turn-key, camera-ready promotions and marketing tools designed for implementation at the bowling center level.


More than 1,000 bowling centers subscribed to the service between 1992 and 1998 and Kreins went on to become a sought-after authority, consultant and seminar presenter and one of the bowling industry's foremost experts on bowling center management and marketing. His monthly columns in Bowlers Journal, Bowling Industry, Bowling Digest and 7-10 Split magazines were always among those publications' most popular features.


In 1998 the company was phased out when Kreins took the position of Director of Marketing for AMF Bowling Centers.


But, over the years, there were numerous requests to "bring back" the Positive Marketing Service, something that wasn't financially feasible due to the high overhead associated with the printing and shipping of the monthly promotion packages. However, in today's digital age, it is now possible to bring back this valuable service in an online format as


The new VIP Service for bowling center operators allows members to receive turnkey promotions online via the internet. Promotions may be downloaded and printed directly from the member's computer.


The VIP Service for bowling centers is the best investment you could ever make for your business. Click here to sign up.