April 2012

Since opening a few years ago, Viejas Bowl had struggled to establish its identity.  Located in a beautiful outlet center adjacent to a casino, the center had previously focused on creating a boutique atmosphere. After a period of initial but fleeting success, it became apparent that the model of positioning the bowling center as an adult-centered venue fell short of capturing a wider demographic. It was also clear that the center would continue to undershoot its potential without the guidance and wisdom of a tenured expert from the bowling industry.

After reaching out to Mr. Kreins, it was plain to see that he had created and refined a robust suite of products and programs that could place our business on a path of prosperity. Through various site visits, customs reports and evaluations, Paul’s operational expertise began to positively affect our team.

He counseled or staff and suggested pragmatic improvements which we have implemented to raise our degree of professionalism and guest service. He worked closely with our marketing executives to rebrand the business, in essence reshaping the model to focus on building a family friendly entertainment venue, rather than a dark and less welcoming boutique center. Our guests now rave about our lighter, more inviting ambiance -- perfect for families and children.

Additionally, a cornerstone of our recent success can be attributed to Paul’s recommendation that we radically redesign our birthday party and event offerings. With his assistance, we now offer a blockbuster party package that continually impresses our guests. Details that came directly from Paul’s report, such as the need for a customizable jumbo pin, balloons and photos have all been instant hits with our patrons.

Furthermore, his insistence that we place a huge emphasis on social media (Facebook) has created a way to freely market to our target demographics. The aforementioned examples barely scratch the surface of the great improvements that we’ve realized with his assistance.

To sum, Mr. Kreins has illuminated a custom roadmap for success and designed multiple programs that have improved our bottom line. This month alone we’ve twice broken our daily revenue records. If you’re looking for an industry expert who possesses the business acumen and tact to steer your center toward profitability, we highly recommend you seek out the assistance of Mr. Kreins.

Trevor Hagedorn
GM, Viejas Bowl
USBC Certified Coach
5005 Willows Rd Suite #229
(619) 659-2076